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Everest Group Pinnacle Model Assessment: Enterprise Intelligent Automation and Adoption Maturity

Everest Group Pinnacle Model Assessment: Enterprise Automation and Adoption Maturity

Download this Everest Group Assessment to learn about the Pinnacle Enterprise differentiators and how to accelerate your intelligent automation journey with the best monetary implications.  

Inside this research assessment, you'll learn:

  • What the current hot topics are in Intelligent Automation
  • The latest data captured by Everest Group from external and internal small to medium size enterprises
  • The most relevant discussion points from Everest's in-depth interviews, case studies and roundtables
  • The main emerging point of view from the key factors, trends and outcomes raised
  • A high level customized analysis on Enterprise Automation 

Find out how successful companies, identified as Pinnacle Enterprises, use their advanced intelligent automation capabilities.

The journeys of these best of the best companies provide insights into the key enablers needed to achieve desired outcomes and point to the investments required for the greatest speed to impact. Whether companies want to make incremental changes to achieve major transformations, Pinnacle Enterprises exemplify the way to success.

Almost 90% of the Pinnacle Enterprises have realized more than 50% ROI from intelligent automation and 20% of the Pinnacle Enterprises have realized more that 200% ROI from intelligent automation.

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