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Blog | Oct 31, 2019

RPA Analytics: Splunk Brings Real-Time Data Access and Analysis to Blue Prism

Splunk RPA Analytics
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We always talk about being the sum of our parts at Blue Prism. That’s why I want to call out our ongoing integration with Splunk’s Business Analytics solution. Splunk have dubbed themselves, the Data-to-Everything Platform, which makes them a perfect fit for augmenting our Digital Workers.

Together, we’ve teamed-up to give enterprises continuous transparency into their RPA projects and better performance monitoring, leading to improved operational efficiency, agility and flexibility. Companies can now easily capture an end-to-end view and visualization of data and analytics from their RPA processes, enabling actionable insights that they can use to advance their digital transformation efforts.

To give you an idea of how this transparency and insights into data work together, we put together this quick demo:

Analysis-ready Data: Critical for Meaningful, Actionable Insight

Log and session data streams created through automation projects contain valuable information that can drive efficiency and productivity for the business. But log data is traditionally complex to understand, delivered in unstructured formats and not suitable for making meaningful data analysis. 

As a result, many organizations are unable to gain actionable insight into processes and workflows to diagnose problems easily. Splunk® provides the leading platform for Operational Intelligence, which allows you to:

  • Search automated processes 
  • Monitor how processes are performing
  • Analyzes data streams to identify issues or trends with processes 
  • Visualizes machine-generated data 
  • Improves data analytics for RPA and Intelligent Automation
  • Gives operational insights

Using Splunk, companies can gain visibility into end-to-end business processes, analyse process data streams to identify patterns, outliers and trends. Splunk plus Blue Prism enables organizations to easily discover and investigate problems within automated business processes.

How does Splunk RPA Analytics Works?

Using Blue Prism’s Data Gateway feature — Robotic Process Automation (RPA) raw data is ingested into Splunk for easy monitoring and reporting.

  • RPA Generated Data can then be easily captured and visualized
  • Creates valuable insights about Blue Prism environments without manual monitoring efforts
  • Users can diagnose exactly where and why problems exist with Splunk RPA Analytics

What are the benefits of Splunk RPA Analytics

When used together, Blue Prism and Splunk give organizations more visibility into intelligent automation and RPA initiatives. This drives greater operational efficiency, agility and flexibility

Benefits of deploying Splunk with Blue Prism include:

  • More efficiency in orchestrating a Digital Workforcevisualize performance from event data with dashboards to analyze results.
  • Increased storage flexibilityeasily store & retrieve data offsite for future use.
  • Use data driven insights to quickly diagnose problems, investigate bottlenecks & troubleshoot issues.
  • Real time visibility into error logsreport errors faster & see what’s happening at each stage

This visibility helps ensure that automated business processes are performing as expected and identifies areas where efficiencies can be improved. 

Where can Splunk RPA Analytics be used?

Financial services

  • Increased visibility into data can help banks meet regulatory expectations 
  • Eliminate delays and avoid incomplete transactions
  • Real-time visibility into RPA process data
  • Drive operational efficiency and mitigate risks to profitability

Healthcare Industry

  • Increased operational intelligence into fully automated processes
  • Identify bottlenecks and areas for process improvement faster
  • Speeding up claims processing 
  • Improving patient care

As the pioneer of RPA, Blue Prism delivers a robust, secure and highly scalable Digital Workforce that, when paired with Splunk’s leading platform for Operational Intelligence, enables organizations to easily discover and investigate problems within automated business processes.

Visit Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX) to find out more information on our integration with Splunk.

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