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Case Study

Healthcare Provider Achieves Rapid Time-to-Value with RPA

4000 Hours given back to staff.
41 Processes automated in just six months.
Stringent oversight Ensures only the best processes are automated.

A U.K. healthcare provider is dedicated to building a caring future for 500,000 patients and 12,000 staff members. Their community promise is focused on improving the lives of those they serve. Recently, they embarked on an intelligent automation journey with SS&C Blue Prism to remove manual and uninteresting work from staff and improve the patient experience. Impressively, they’ve automated 41 processes in just six months.


Like many healthcare providers around the world, the U.K.’s healthcare system has experienced increased patient demand in recent years, which has elevated the administrative burden on regional healthcare providers. Disparate legacy IT systems add to the strain on administrative staff. Many tasks have to be completed manually and efforts are often duplicated. With staff members already working at capacity, the healthcare provider looked for a new way to increase operational efficiencies and unburden their staff.


The healthcare provider decided to deploy SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud six months ago — and just a short time later, they have 41 automated processes providing significant benefits to three business units across the organization.

How did they achieve this impressive feat so quickly? The team at the healthcare provider were RPA novices, so they began by hiring two experienced SS&C Blue Prism developers who built processes in a development environment. Meanwhile, the IT team configured the platform and ensured it was connected to all required internal systems. Next, they set up their new program, strictly following a structured strategy based on SS&C Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model (ROM™2). They used SS&C Blue Prism’s Process Assessment Tool to evaluate each candidate’s readiness for automation. This tool has been especially helpful as the team rapidly ramped up its program — it has demonstrated to stakeholders which automated processes would be most impactful in the business.

Lastly (and uniquely), they leaned on their team of SS&C Blue Prism digital workers to help track their process assessments. A digital worker extracts key data gathered from stakeholders via an online form, populates the RPA Project Tracker, and sends the stakeholders an email informing them of the next steps and expected timelines. The digital worker then files relevant information and sends a copy of the request to the business analyst for further exploration. This streamlined and thoughtful evaluation helps the team pursue those processes most ripe for automation.

Digital workers are active in finance, HR and digital services, processing 127,000+ items of work and returning nearly 4,000 hours to the teams. They’ve helped merge patient data, which saves time for the digital services team time and ensures the accuracy of vital clinical data.

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