Fast Funding: Tech Designed to Support our Local Economies

The new CARES Act includes provisions for $377 billion in small business loans. The challenge the local government now faces is getting this emergency relief into the hands of small businesses quickly. This is imperative since small businesses provide nearly 50% of the employment base and many have only 28 days of cash on hand.

Blue Prism has joined forces with GLYNT.AI to create a solution that enables city, county and state government agencies to automate workflows associated with processing these and other claims. The hallmark of the Blue Prism/GLYNT.AI solution is that it is nimble, it applies to every form and submission type, and it can be set up in days giving real time access to data.

In this webinar, learn more about solutions that accelerate data and document dependent government processes.

Technology Solution Partners

  • GLYNT.AI provides the software that reads the submitted documents, transforming them into a stream of data.
  • Blue Prism digital workers check to ensure complete documentation has been submitted and pre-populates the required loan application with the information provided.

Combined, GLYNT.AI and Blue Prism offer a solution that removes workflow frictions, increases government capacity, and serves residents remotely. And these processes will continue to deliver value into the future as the economy bounces back.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • What citizens may need to do
  • The role of local governments to enable access to federal funding
  • How the GLYNT/Blue Prism solution works
  • How to get started with these capabilities

In this time of unprecedented economic strain, our goal is to help support those who have been tasked with delivering economic support to neighborhoods, to local small businesses, and to our citizens and their families. We’ll join you in working as quickly as possible. We hope you’ll join us to learn more.

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