From Automation to Transformation: Why BPM and RPA are Better Together

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Whether you currently use Business Process Management (BPM) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the reality is BPM and RPA are better together. This combination elevates your ability to transform business processes and achieve your top strategic objectives, whether that’s increased growth, higher profitability, risk mitigation, or better customer experience.

That being said, there’s clearly a lot of confusion in the marketplace around the distinction between BPM and RPA. Which one comes first? Which one frees up the most human capacity? Which one addresses the most steps within a business process? Which one leverages AI? Etc., etc.

To get answers to these questions and many more, join our webinar on 6th July at 11 am UK time to hear from two SS&C automation experts, Simon James (BPM) and Brad Hairston (RPA). Simon and Brad will draw on their many years of experience in these respective areas to clarify the differences and similarities between BPM and RPA, as well as the tremendous value of using them in tandem to automate your enterprise.

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Brad Hairston 2

Brad Hairston

Advisory Alliance Director, SS&C Blue Prism

Simon James

Simon James

Solution Consultant, SS&C Blue Prism

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