From Idea to Reality: Exploring Generative AI & Automation

Generative AI & Automation Webinar

Make Your Ideas a Reality with Generative AI and Automation

Join us as we delve into some of the current trends in the market, how this technology might evolve in the next two years, and what steps you can take to prepare for that future.

We’ll also be looking at an example of how Generative AI can be used alongside Intelligent Automation in healthcare to improve the lives of patients and doctors.

Why you should attend:

  • Obtain actionable guidance on how you can leverage Gen AI
  • Learn how you can combine Gen AI with Intelligent Automation while maintaining security and compliance
  • Understand where this technology is heading and how you can adapt

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Paul Wyman

Automation Architect at NHS Dorset


Colin Redbond

Managing Director Product Management

IMAGE K Chennupati

Kavtiha Chennupati

Senior Director, Global Product Management


Ted Shelton

Partner, Bain & Company | Automation and AI

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