How Automation Can Support Your Finance and Accounting Teams

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Get 10x Business Process Improvement with Intelligent Automation

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Ericsson’s key challenges and drivers in seeking an automation solution.
  • Areas or business functions where Ericsson has seen success, and how automation helped their finance & accounting, back-office, HR and supply chain departments.
  • How Ericsson strategized and executed an escalation plan.
  • Use cases and examples driving the most value for Ericsson and how you can replicate them.

Watch the groundbreaking webinar showcasing a remarkable success story in the world of intelligent automation. This session unveils how Ericsson, a global leader in telecommunications, achieved unprecedented efficiency and transformative outcomes through automation.

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We’ve improved 4X our productivity results thanks to intelligent automation.”
Parthasarathy A. Head of Automation & AI Innovation, Ericsson

By embracing automation, Ericsson harnessed the power of cutting-edge technologies to streamline their processes and enhance productivity improving Ericsson's competitive positioning.


Mo 0076 Parthasarthy

Parthasarathy A.

Head of Automation & AI Innovation, Ericsson

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Emma Kirkby-Kidd

Global Head of Robotic Operating Model, SS&C Blue Prism

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Girish Pai

Technology Portfolio Director, SS&C Blue Prism

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