How to Use Intelligent Automation within Energy & Utilities

Water and Power Webinar

Has your intelligent automation journey become dormant, or are you trying to decide where to deploy intelligent automation to reap the benefits for your business?

Join Blue Prism for a one-hour webinar to learn “How to Use Intelligent Automation within Utilities & Energy,” and hear from customers who are succeeding on their digital transformation journey. 

This webinar and panel discussion will be hosted by Dan Ternes, CTO APAC, of Blue Prism, featuring Ajay Gupta, Director of Enterprise Automation at DTE Energy, and Luciana Bitelman, Automation Manager at AusNet Services, who will share insight on:

  • Working with the business to deliver tangible benefits
  • Business Adoption of Intelligent automation
  • The unique challenges faced when delivering automation
  • Driving innovation that meets customer needs


Ajay Gupta DTE Energy

Ajay Gupta

Director, Enterprise Automation
DTE Energy

Luciana Bitelman AusNet Services

Luciana Bitelman

Automation Manager
AusNet Services

Sharon Walkey Blue Prism

Sharon Walkey

Senior Solutions Consultant
Blue Prism

Dan Ternes Blue Prism CTO APAC

Dan Ternes

Blue Prism

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