PEXLIVE: OPEX in Financial Services 2022

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Driving Operational Excellence through Business Transformation

As organizations begin to recover from the pandemic, the need for Operational Excellence has heightened, given business’ new understanding of changed consumer behaviour, shifting customer demographics, and greater competitive choice. Where traditional OpEx programs have focused on straightforward efficiency, today’s OpEx initiatives are focused on enabling growth and customer-centricity by embracing key levers such as business transformation and digital labor.

From her experience in leading Transformational change programs at Mutual of Omaha, Sheryl Abegglen will share both mistakes to avoid and tips to consider as her organization focuses on adopting a business transformation mindset – essential in their journey towards Operational Excellence.


Sheryl Abegglen smaller

Sheryl Abegglen

VP, Enterprise Business Transformation, Mutual of Omaha

Darshan Jain

Darshan Jain

VP, Financial Services, SS&C Blue Prism

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