What's New at SS&C Blue Prism? Q2 Product Vision and Roadmap pt. 2

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Discover Our Exciting New Innovations

Join us as we discuss:

  • Our extended portfolio of products includes Chorus BPM, Director, Application Modeler, Decipher and Document Automation, Chorus UX Builder, and much more!
  • Our product strategy and the areas we’re focusing on to increase the value of intelligent automation for your organization
  • Insight into our new cloud-native Next Generation platform, which we recently announced in our Spring Launch

During this interactive live session, you'll hear from senior product leaders at SS&C Blue Prism. Plus, ask questions during the Q&A.

Have a burning question or something you’d like us to cover? Send it to us when you register or share it in this Community thread. We’ll do our best to address them during one of our sessions.

We look forward to you joining us at this live webinar!

Please Take Note

We’re running two sessions to cater to our global audience. Both will be the same in terms of presentation content. Sessions will be recorded but you'll need to register to receive the link.


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Tom Sadler

Product Director

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Brian Hesse

Senior Product Manager

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