Riding the Wave of Change within Wealth and Asset Management

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Join us for a fireside chat to discuss the importance of intelligent automation (IA) in addressing todays challenges and opportunities within the wealth and asset management industry.

Changing Landscape: The wealth and asset management industry is undergoing significant change, driven by shifting investor demographics, evolving regulatory requirements, and technological advancements. The increasingly diverse investor community is accelerating the need to deliver personalized portfolios in line with a broadening spectrum of investment motivations.

Necessity of Transformation: Transformation is no longer optional but a necessity for firms in this industry. Intelligent automation (IA) emerges as a crucial tool to drive necessary changes efficiently and effectively.

Impact of IA: IA enables a faster, more accurate flow of data, processes, and decisions. It ensures 100% auditability, enhances client experiences, ensures compliance, and contributes to more rewarding careers for employees.

Discussion Topics:

  • Evolving Customer Expectations: Firms are under pressure to lower fees while improving services. The discussion will focus on strategies to help enable firms meet these expectations without sacrificing margins.
  • Understanding AI: What really is AI? How is it currently utilized in wealth and asset management, and should you adopt it? 
  • Operational Risk: The industry faces challenges in both retaining existing talent, and attracting new generations into financial services. Experts are leaving for a better work-life balance away from complex and high-risk manual tasks, while graduates are no longer queuing up to get their foot in the door. We explore how IA can mitigate attrition by creating a more attractive working environment.

Our experts are excited to provide insights into how you can navigate the changing landscape of wealth and asset management through the strategic implementation of intelligent automation technologies.


Drew Sonden

Snr Solutions Consutlant, SS&C Blue Prism

Stig Olsen

Senior Director EMEA and APAC, SS&C Advent

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