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How Healthcare Providers Can Benefit from Intelligent Automation

Healthcare providers are facing high demand, with huge patient backlogs and budgeting restraints. But there’s a solution! Intelligent automation (IA) can help reduce patient wait times and get clinicians back to care by reducing the time-consuming tasks taking them from their work.

Download the e-book to learn how you can improve healthcare for all.

This e-book explores how providers can:

  • Improve patient safety, outcomes and access to services. 
  • Increase the impact of clinical decision support systems. 
  • Increase productivity, security and compliance. 

Help put the care back into healthcare and deliver outstanding patient experiences with IA streamlining your clinical operations. Digital workers are accurate, fast and efficient, prioritizing work and streamlining workflows while keeping data secure and compliant.

Improve patient outcomes with intelligent automation streamlining your workflows.

We can save 200,000 hours per day through gen AI and automation streamlining patient clinical records. Gen AI summarizes a patient’s session, and that allows the GP or clinician to spend more time with the patient.

Paul Wyman

Automation architect, NHS Dorset

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