Business Process Management Trends and Predictions 2024

Business Process Management’s Next Act

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What does the future of BPM look like?

Through the lens of BPM, the stage is set for how your organization can think bigger with intelligent automation. This involves orchestrating and managing end-to-end workflows, predicting outcomes, strengthening performance, transforming customer experiences and continuously delivering a high return on investment.

As markets continue to evolve, several challenges and solutions are expected to shape the future of BPM, sometimes referred to as business process automation (BPA) or process orchestration. As a leader in this space, SS&C Blue Prism is uniquely placed to give you exclusive insights into the upcoming trends in BPM.

We’ve gathered data from analysts and thought leaders to bring you an in-depth analysis of where they see BPM heading in 2024. The result is seven BPM predictions that are designed to help you better deliver transformational value.

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