White Paper

Global Survey on the Role of Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

Building a roadmap to enterprise-scale intelligent automation in financial services.

It’s often stated that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology such as intelligent automation by a factor of 10 or more: firms achieved more transformation in a year than in the previous decade. The question that remains is what happens next, and how financial services companies will build on the progress that they have made to date.

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We undertook global research with 550 financial services professionals to uncover where progress has already been made, how work models are changing and how this change is predicted to continue in the future.

The second in a series of executive briefing papers, The Power of Three: How to Benefit from the Great Reset is based on the results of that research. It looks at the projected outcomes that will result from resetting operating models, and what banks will need to do to move from a tactical to a strategic, top-down approach.

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