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IBM Report: Secure Intelligent Automation for Mission Readiness

A Case for Transformational Change

Explore how automation infused with AI can change how work gets done to achieve the goals of the mission at the speed of the mission.

Download the report for more insights, such as:

  • Natural Language Processing: Ability to understand and interact using human speech as spoken or types
  • Machine learning systems: Ability to train bots as they encounter new situations to continually improve
  • BPM integration: Integration into existing business process management tools to enable seamless processes
  • Internet of Things (IOT): Integration of IOT sensors and connected environments to provide bots with insights and instructions
  • Advanced Analytics: Ability to gather understanding from data to diagnose issues and make recommendations
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment to adjust bots’ activities and load balance in real time

Accelerating Insight and Enabling Future Readiness for Defense organizations

Defense organizations are under growing pressure to automate the countless processes that underlie mission operations. Unfortunately, most automation solutions are limited in their ability to learn complex processes — and to meet DoD’s demanding security and performance standards.

Blue Prism Connected-RPA expands the art of the possible with enterprise-scale auditability and security features including FedRAMP Level 5 readiness. This provides instant access to an ecosystem of AI skills that work in collaboration with human staff to accelerate mission performance. Its intelligent automation ecosystem is comprised of advanced technologies, and a community of experts, researchers and providers that enables your agency’s people to create and customize innovative automations for unique tasks.

Expanding RPA - IBM Intelligent Automation

Where the RPA platform and software bot provides the hands for a digital workforce, a well-placed cognitive tool provides the workforce its brain. In this manner, these digital workers are software-based labor that can independently execute meaningful parts of complex, end-to-end processes. The digital workers use multiple skills that go beyond what RPA tools and bots alone can offer. IBM’s Intelligent Automation incorporates recent advances in cognitive technology to transform the foundational RPA bots from a simple, process-driven team of task executers to an orchestrated body capable of decision making, self-healing and continuously improving.

Read more in our IBM white paper report.

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