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Data Viaualization Communications Mining

How Mining Automation Works

Communications mining turns digital communication data into a structured format so you can generate insights and enable downstream automation. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to automate business requests and conversations. SS&C Blue Prism works with technology partners to help you extract valuable information from emails, calls, notes, chats, tickets and more so you can better understand customer needs and internal processes.

Identify Hidden Opportunities for Strong ROI

Communications mining enables you to accurately identify the most valuable change opportunities across your business. Quantify opportunities before investing in change and reduce the risk of not achieving your expected benefits. Drive evolution with intelligent automation (IA) — opening doors to new sources of structured data in critical business processes.

Reduce manual tasks with automated business communications


faster claims processing with
SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus BPM

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Achieve Instant Benefits for Your Organization

Rapid IA deployment and training

Automatically learn from your historical data. Powerful deep-learning language models (LLMs) learn from and adapt to your terminology, phrasing and processes. Deploy new automation from messages and queries within hours instead of months.

Human-to-human conversational data

SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions can understand complex, multi-intent, multi-turn conversations found in human-to-human business communication – in email, support tickets, case notes and forms.

No coding necessary

IA allows business users to teach systems how to interpret data in an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) – no coding required! Creating a new account, training and production deploying takes only hours, and it’s reusable and scalable.

Out-of-the-box analytics

Instantly get valuable analytics and management information on your business communications data. Gain real-time insights into all of your service channels and extract the information you care about most. Track trends, service quality and performance at every level.

Improve the customer experience

Give your customers the best service by reducing wait times between communications. Communications mining streamlines communications and alerts employees with updates on changes to service quality, helping you stay ahead of potential issues.

Make work better for your people

Reduce the number of manual tasks for your employees by automating communication tasks that don’t require the human touch. Enable your people to work on more interesting, higher-value activities like helping your business thrive.

Communications Mining in Action

Communications mining connects disparate business departments and systems. It brings together all conversational communication channels and eliminates bottlenecks and slowdowns. Automate customer requests so you can enhance the customer experience and allocate resources more effectively.

Discovery and monitoring
CRM and workflow
Client and product intelligence
Intelligent automation

Discovery and monitoring

Make informed, quantified decisions with communications analytics, turning business conversations into actionable insights. Extract relevant data and analyze it to improve communications across your organization. With real-time alerts, you can enable faster response times and drive continuous improvement. Stay proactive with communications mining. Extract data such as:

  • Reasons for contact
  • Sentiment
  • Data fields

What Our Customers Say

Our plans for this year focus on continued growth and transformation. We plan to deliver additional automations that will help provide a streamlined experience for our clients. Our automation program has grown in pipeline, team resources and digital workers. With a high performing automation team and exceptional leadership, we are determined to drive additional advancements within the firm using SS&C Blue Prism Cloud.”

Benson Yang

Automation portfolio manager, Armanino

More staff are now working on outbound customer calls, and we are able to quickly identify customers in financial difficulty and proactively call them to discuss their accounts, rather than reacting too late, enhancing our overall customer service.”

Joanne Masters

Business systems manager, The Co-operative Bank

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