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Ensure that your team works smarter, not harder. More hours in the day free up staff to focus on the strategic projects that impact your bottom line. Use ready built, smart automation solutions to automate repetitive tasks in the recruiting office, the call center, and all departments in between.

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Supply Chain Management

Know where your materials are, where they’re going, and how you can improve your business. A supply chain powered by intelligent automation lets you manage and monitor status using the software you already have and the technologies you add.

Be prepared for the unexpected incidents. Adapt to changes as quickly as possible to meet supply chain challenges head on.

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Finance and Accounting

Is your team having spreadsheet fatigue?

Our smart automation solutions enable you to automate 10x more and 10x faster, optimizing your processes end-to-end for better business operations.

Staff accountants will appreciate handing off most of the manual work for daily reconciliation and cash-to-close, freeing them up to work on your high-value priorities.

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Working with customers is a human activity, so why do teams spend so much time entering data in CRM software and asking questions when the information is available elsewhere?

Drive more efficient customer processes with smart automation. SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workforce ties systems together across your enterprise to collect, store, and retrieve client information.

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Human Resource Management

If there is one department where teams should be freed from repetitive, manual tasks, it is Human Resources. Onboarding new employees requires consistency and compliance, for both company and regulatory policies. Rich benefits attract and retain talent, but these can be complex to manage.

Using intelligent automation, you make your Human Resources department more people-centric. A digital workforce will redefine how you manage your human workforce.

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RPA Value Calculators

Quickly find out the impact your business can achieve through process automation. We've developed high level calculators that will show you the potential savings customers typically have based on your information. Want more than a high level review? Our team is standing by for a more in-depth calculator review when you're ready!

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