Business-led Automation Made Easy —no coding or development necessary.

Blue Prism is advancing the potential of our Digital Workforce by introducing Six Intelligent Automation Skills that deliver meaningful AI capabilities. Our Digital Workforce works alongside people increasing productivity, improving experience and delivering true operational agility to realize the next generation of operational excellence. As the next phase in the evolution of RPA, Blue Prism integrates Skills directly into our platform with v6.4.

Blue Prism v6: Features

Blue Prism version 6.4 places best-in-class AI and other high-value technologies in the hands of business leaders. The features enable an intelligent, connected and easy-to-control Digital Workforce, endowed with Intelligent Automation Skills to drive real growth in today’s automated markets.



Six Intelligent Automation Skills deliver meaningful, plug and play AI capabilities directly in to the core make-up of our Digital Workforce Platform. Skills are easily downloaded from the Digital Exchange and accessible from the Object and Process Studio in the Skills tool bar, arranged into their respective skill categories, for easy drag-and-drop.

Blue Prism Digital Exchange


Digital Exchange

The Blue Prism Digital Exchange is an extension of the Blue Prism platform that brings together an ecosystem of best-in-breed AI technologies from companies you know and trust – it’s where you make your Digital Workforce smarter. Innovative, pre-built solutions are immediately accessible and functional through downloadable assets. No coding or development required—just a hassle-free experience with drag-and-drop functionality.


Provides a graphical user interface for configuring AI solutions from our technology ecosystem partners by easily enabling 3rd party connections to be configured to Visual Business Objects (VBOs). VBOs can then be dragged and dropped into business processes.


Firefox Browser Plug-in

Native support for automating web pages and applications in Firefox is provided within Blue Prism v6.4 through the use of a Blue Prism Firefox extension. This feature enables the accelerated development of Business Objects and Processes that automate Web Applications presented in Mozilla Firefox.

Multi-Team Environments

Launched with v6.3, Multi-Team Environments enables the control of digital workers and processes of multiple business units within a single environment. Unique to the Blue Prism platform, this feature enables the mixing and matching of different objects, processes and resources for large expansion of RPA in any enterprise implementing a true digital transformation strategy.


Accelerated Business Process Creation

Instant Digital Transformation

Increased Operational Agility

Ease of Use

AI Everywhere

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