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News | May 16, 2023

State of New Mexico Leverages SS&C Blue Prism Digital Workers to Facilitate Human Services

State of New Mexico Leverages SS&C Blue Prism Digital Workers to Facilitate Human Services

SS&C Blue Prism helps Human Services Department reduces onboarding newborns to Medicaid from a three to 30-day process to 15 minutes

WINDSOR, CT, May 16, 2023 (PRNewswire) – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) today announced the State of New Mexico Human Services Department successfully scaled SS&C Blue Prism digital workers across its customer service operation. With 30 digital workers now in use across the Human Services Department, intelligent automation is expected to save the state more than 100,000 hours of delays per year. Automation will continue to improve customer experiences and cost savings in New Mexico, where 51% of the population relies on Human Services Department (HSD) support.

We are customer-obsessed in New Mexico. We partnered with SS&C Blue Prism to automate tasks to ensure everyone who needs services in our state gets a first-class experience. We needed the tools to deliver that improved experience and implementing automation has gotten us where we need to be."
Shanita Harrison Customer Innovation Director, New Mexico Human Services Department

A digital worker is a multitasking software robot working within existing systems, technology and applications to automate business processes through intelligent automation (IA). New Mexico's HSD has leveraged intelligent automation to consolidate its customer service center, allowing residents to connect with HSD via chat, text, and email. To help staff manage these new communication streams, digital workers powered by SS&C Blue Prism's software support agents synchronize their case notes across multiple systems.

The automation reduced duplicated efforts, ensured accuracy and gave caseworkers time for higher level interactions. For instance, before partnering with SS&C Blue Prism, onboarding a newborn to Medicaid took anywhere from three to 30 days. An SS&C Blue Prism digital worker, nicknamed "Baby Bot," completes the process in 15 minutes – a 99% reduction in time to process.

New Mexico HSD's digital workers are also creating a more efficient and accessible experience for New Mexicans by assisting them in tasks like updating addresses, authorizing or removing representatives, and resetting passwords. Additionally, HSD leverages intelligent automation and AI to create predictive case-handling scenarios, enabling the department to automate sending important reminders or information to citizens via text notifications like Medicaid enrollment reminders.

Since joining SS&C Blue Prism and being a registered nurse with 30 years of experience, I've seen first-hand the tremendous impact intelligent automation can help medical professionals and overburdened clinical staff. With automation in place to do the basic operations, healthcare workers and public services professionals can do the heavy lifting by focusing on the communication tasks humans do best."
Patrick Lovelace R.N., Senior Director of Strategy, Healthcare and Life Sciences at SS&C Blue Prism

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