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Fully managed, SaaS-delivered intelligent automation platform.

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What is Blue Prism Cloud?

Blue Prism Cloud combines our proven intelligent automation technology, digital workers with built-in artificial intelligence and seamless integration capabilities, and access to Azure cognitive services to bring you a fully managed platform delivered from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Life is uncertain - and so are automation workloads! Take advantage of our new consumption-based pricing option, and pay only for the consumption associated with temporary (or “burst”) digital workers. Reserve Blue Prism Cloud digital worker "burst" capacity for those busy times when you need it most, instead of buying additional licenses.

Smart from the start

Digital workers are pre-configured to use a variety of software, cognitive services, and communications skills.

Fully managed for performance

The Blue Prism Cloud team manages all infrastructure and operational requirements, including updates and upgrades.

Cloud-based for success

SaaS-delivered from Azure cloud so that you can focus on exceeding goals and transforming your business.

Available anytime

We deliver digital workers with high availability, lightning-fast performance, stringent security standards, and guaranteed SLAs to match the pace of your business.

Instant benefits for your organization

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Ready to work

With AI skills already included, Blue Prism Cloud digital workers come equipped ready to read, write and interact to help you and your team accomplish more.

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Shared responsibility

Our dedicated team takes care of business continuity, security upgrades and incident management so you can focus on your business – not major IT projects.

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Scalable to meet demands

Hosted on Azure, Blue Prism Cloud is based on Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud platform with availability when you need it.

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Flexible for your business

Easily adapt your business to sharp changes in strategy or operations and shift digital worker responsibilities.

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The whole package at your fingertips

Included with Blue Prism Cloud, businesses choosing our SaaS based platform gain additional solution.

Blue Prism Cloud IADA

Our SaaS-delivered Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant (IADA) is an AI-enabled “supervisor” that automatically orchestrates digital worker activities. IADA can manage your process to-do list; keep your digital workers on task; and help you boost productivity and performance.

Blue Prism Cloud Hub

SaaS-delivered and designed for use with Blue Prism in either on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment environments, Hub is an intuitive way to manage the automation lifecycle that brings together all capabilities into a single portal for a big-picture view of your automation operation.

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DX Before You DIY

Building successful, intelligent automation takes time. Save yourself a step or two by checking out Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). There, you’ll find components that take the most advantage of fully managed SaaS automation. Look for the DIY Hours logo to estimate how much time you can save.

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What's Next?

What’s your cloud strategy? Whatever it is, Blue Prism has a cloud-based automation solution that can help address your journey to the cloud.

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