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Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence: The role of intelligent automation

The Potential of Intelligent Automation and RPA 

In a fireside chat at the Singapore OpenGov Leadership Forum 2022 in Singapore, Dan Ternes, APAC CTO, SS&C Blue Prism, discussed the potential of Intelligent Automation for organizations, barriers to successful rollout and solutions to overcome them. 

Download the Q & A to learn:

  • The factors that influence an organization's success with RPA and AI
  • How to avoid pitfalls and get scaled on RPA
  • Real-world examples on how Intelligent Automation are putting all tools together in producing tangible business outcomes. 
It's end-to-end processes that really move the needle for an organization and create something fundamentally better for the stakeholders.”
Dan Ternes APAC CTO, SS&C Blue Prism

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