Analyst Report

Creating a Total Approach to Enterprise Automation

Read the latest S&P Global Market Intelligence report to understand why organizations are now seeking a total approach to enterprise automation (total automation) and how they can be intelligently improved, automated, and differentiated.

What to expect:

  • Learn about the top drivers of digital transformation strategies.
  • How the total approach to enterprise automation empowers the workforce to collaborate, create, and innovate with tools that augment their abilities.
  • Research about new breeds of automation platforms that are evolving to enable intelligent automation and facilitate total automation.
  • A synopsis of initiatives and goals regarding a Center of Excellence (CoE) for total automation.

Digitally driven enterprises invest in automation and process discovery technologies to empower their workforces and enable greater levels of collaboration, productivity, and creativity. They explore transformative ways to help their employees work smarter together — revealing hidden opportunities for improvements and imagining new ways of conducting business and serving customers.

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