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Blog | Jun 23, 2023

Building the Future of Intelligent Banking

Building Future of Intelligent Banking
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The Best-in-Class Delivery in One of Singapore's Leading Local Banks

As a leader in intelligent automation (IA) solutions, SS&C Blue Prism has witnessed an increased number of financial services industry leaders embarking on their automation journey in recent years. However, with artificial intelligence (AI), many banks and insurance companies are also propelled to evolve further by coupling AI with IA, which combines the strengths of robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and human intelligence to achieve optimal results.

SS&C Blue Prism works with NCS Pte. Ltd (NCS), a subsidiary of the Singtel Group and a leading technology services firm with a presence in Asia Pacific, to help clients advance their automation journey.

Automation for IT 

NCS has partnered with one of the leading banks in Southeast Asia for over three years to deliver transformational value in building intelligent banking, such as enabling IT management to leverage digital workers for the identity and access management (IAM) of the banks’ users.

Automation for Consumer Banking Group (CBG)

For the Consumer Banking Group (CBG), which has large volumes of credit card and account-related operations, NCS implemented digital workers from SS&C Blue Prism to support high-volume credit cards transactions such as fee waivers, account opening, password provisioning, and resets.

Automation for HR

Other automation included HR automation functional support, where employee screening and onboarding are augmented by the digital workforce. The bank has experienced significant savings in a year and seen a notable improvement in processes, minimizing errors while maintaining 24/7 processing availability.

In May 2023, NCS achieved certification as an SS&C Blue Prism Silver Delivery Provider by meeting all requirements, including resource accreditation, customer satisfaction and validation, and quality assurance for project delivery.


About the Author

Stephen is helping partners to succeed with SS&C Blue Prism throughout Asia-Pacific. Based in Singapore, he is a certified Blue Prism robotic operating model (ROM) architect with experience in building intelligent automation.

We are proud to have achieved the Silver Delivery Provider certification from SS&C Blue Prism. This is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality intelligent automation solutions. We are confident that this certification will help us to continue delivering successful projects for our clients, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with SS&C Blue Prism."
Francis Yee senior director, client service lead, NCS.
We are delighted that NCS is a committed member of our five-star rated partner program and world-class certification program. NCS has demonstrated that it is a valued provider of SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions and has passed through a rigorous certification process that provides a hallmark of quality, expertise, and consistency – setting a benchmark for joint customer successes. With a strong local use case in Singapore, we would be keen to replicate this remarkable success with the other customers in FSI."
James Lucas vice president of sales, ASEAN & Greater China Region, SS&C Blue Prism

Build a New Operating Model for Financial Services with Intelligent Automation