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Blog | Apr 23, 2020

Data at your fingertips: Dashboards for success

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Enterprise software may solve countless problems for large corporations, but they always introduce a new challenge: data overload. Reporting important metrics, like status or ROI, can be cumbersome given how much data is involved. Teams and management alike need to know what is happening at any time. Dashboards are a simple way to showcase the metrics that matter.

Blue Prism has many automation activities running across the company, so a dashboard brings tremendous value to management. Our internal Center of Excellence team turned to multiple assets available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). Using a logging utility available freely on the DX, the team wrote log files for processes to be tracked. Then, they used a log visualization tool from Splunk to generate useful dashboards. Splunk, one of our Technology Alliance Program partners, offers this asset on the DX as well.

Target users for these dashboards range from controllers to IT to end business users, who monitor processes, cases, and Digital Worker resources. At a glance, users can see which processes have run and which have terminated, what cases are on the work queue, what cases were pushed to manual processing, and more. All of this is actionable data, whether for troubleshooting, efficiency planning, or reporting. The result is clear: confidence in critical business activity.

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