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Blog | Apr 22, 2024

Why You Should Wrap Intelligent Automation Around Gen AI

Process Wrapper Gen AI
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Securely Leverage Gen AI With Intelligent Automation

More and more organizations are adopting generative artificial intelligence (AI), with many moving from the experimental phase to deployment. Still, gen AI hasn’t stepped into widespread use yet. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increased risk – or at least perceived risk – particularly around security and compliance.

With SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solution, we’re empowering innovative organizations to utilize generative AI’s many capabilities without increasing their business risk.

What’s IA Got To Do With It?

Intelligent automation (IA) acts as the intermediary between an organization’s people, technology and gen AI. IA automates and orchestrates processes end-to-end while also providing a detailed audit trail. This trail ensures compliance, trust and accuracy – critical factors in any industry, but especially those working with highly sensitive data.

Here's what happens when you put IA and gen AI together. IA provides an execution layer and an orchestration layer, which together instill your gen AI deployment with the right levels of governance.

It's a … wait for it … process wrapper!

IA enables you to combine multiple AI solutions without compromising security, accuracy or availability. For example, here’s what IA can do for you:

  • Execute: Our IA platform lets you act based on the gen AI’s output. That’s A + B = easy.
  • Orchestrate: You’ve got complex workflows, and we’ve got the de-complexifier machine charged and ready to fire. IA orchestrates your workflows consisting of humans, AI and digital workers – and it does it end to end!
  • Govern: No need to sweat (unless you’re in a sauna). Our IA has guardrails to minimize risk and protect the input and output data from your gen AI models.

What are the challenges with gen AI?

We’re not going to lie. As exciting as generative AI is, it’s no walk in the park. Without the necessary guardrails to take it to the finish line, gen AI has a few tripping points that are stopping organizations like yours from taking the leap:

  • Data: Gen AI models require large amounts of quality data for training and refinement. Curating this data from multiple, disparate systems can be resource- and time-intensive.
  • Privacy and security: Certain processes require large language models (LLMs) to access sensitive data. This can open you up to data breaches or misuse of proprietary information.
  • Explainability: LLMs are typically “black boxes”, making it difficult to understand why and how they reached a particular decision, which could result in compliance issues.
  • Bias and hallucinations: 100% accuracy isn’t guaranteed with gen AI. If models produce biased or false outputs, this can lead to reputational and financial damage, which can also make customers and investors lose trust in your business.

Here’s what you need to do

So, keeping all that in mind, here’s how you can get gen AI powered by intelligent automation.

Process Wrapper Gen AI

Orchestration beautifully knits together data curation, prompting and generation, and execution to craft a governance scarf fit for extreme cold. Let’s break it down:

Data curation

  • IA digital workers source data from a variety of inputs for the AI to use when generating content.
  • Digital workers can manage a high volume of requests.
  • All digital worker actions are traceable throughout the entire process lifecycle.

Prompt and content generation

  • Guidelines are designed to improve prompt quality for better output.
  • AI leverages data in the first stage to create an informed output.


  • A digital worker uses the output to update internal/external systems.

Now, picture governance as the fence around this process, and you’ve got yourself a secure IA process wrapper.

Gen AI + IA Customer Service Use Cases

It’s time to put the pony to the races. Organizations struggle to meet, much less exceed, customer expectations. They have too many queries and complexities, and agents can’t access the information they need to respond promptly. That’s not great.

What is great is how IA can help.

Bleep-bloop, hello

Introducing your generative AI-powered chatbot. We’ll call her Sally. Sally, the conversational AI, can interact with customers for you. Just integrate your IA with this chatbot to respond to customers sooner, reduce backlogs and develop seamless customer interactions.

Toss in SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workers, and they can retrieve previous customer interactions from internal systems so the gen AI can summarize the record. Gen AI gathers all the key relevant data and gets that to your agents, so they don’t have to sift through tons of data themselves. Time saved!

You can take this further, too, with gen AI making the interactions more human-like with natural language understanding. So, Sally has a helpful conversation with your customer while your digital workers collect the data needed to support the inquiry. And digital workers log every interaction, so you have a detailed audit trail all the way through.

What Are the Benefits of a Process Wrapper?

We’ll focus on the top benefits. Here’s what you get when bringing gen AI and intelligent automation together:

  • Reduce risks around data privacy and security, explainability and accuracy.
  • Increase the scope of process automation and scale your program enterprise-wide.
  • Leverage the right LLMs for the job for maximum effectiveness.
  • Improve the decision-making process by analyzing large amounts of data and deriving more detailed insights.
  • Accelerate time to value by simplifying the creation of automations and increasing business-led development.

With the evolving field of generative IA and intelligent automation, what these two can accomplish together is endless. We’ve just scratched the surface (and we plan to dig a little deeper).

To learn more about IA and gen AI, join SS&C Blue Prism’s mission to make work better for everyone.

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