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Blog | Nov 2, 2023

SS&C Blue Prism Named a Leader and a Star Performer in Everest Group’s Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® 2023

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It’s great to be recognized for how we’re helping enterprises optimize and manage their business processes. And this year, we’re delighted to reveal that SS&C Blue Prism has been named both a Leader and a Star Performer for the first time in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Process Orchestration Products Assessment.

We’re hitting all the right notes with our orchestration platform, SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus business process management (BPM). Chorus enables organizations to visualize their human and digital workforce, analyze their customer journeys and integrate with other intelligent automation (IA) technologies with its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Our position as a Leader was based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2023, interactions with leading technology providers, client reference checks and ongoing analysis of the process orchestration software market.

We’re incredibly proud that SS&C Blue Prism also emerged as one out of just two Star Performers in the assessment. Star Performers are selected based on a relative comparison of providers’ performance on the market impact and vision and capability dimensions in the previous and latest PEAK Matrix® assessments. Providers with the highest year-over-year improvement are designated as Star Performers.

What Is Process Orchestration?

Process orchestration is all about harmony. It combines the many instruments available in an organization – people, processes, systems and digital workers – so users can conduct a cohesive symphony, also known as your workflow.

As defined by Everest Group in the assessment, process orchestration is a form of software that helps enterprise users design, manage and monitor end-to-end business processes. It includes key capabilities such as process modeling, business rules management, designing user interfaces for capturing and presenting data, hybrid human and digital workforce management and the ability to provide process-related insights. It should be able to orchestrate the flow of work across human workers, digital workers – such as robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent document processing (IDP) and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) – and enterprise applications in long-running workflows.

What Is Chorus?

SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus is our comprehensive BPM platform that helps businesses orchestrate mission-critical processes at an enterprise scale to better engage with customers, improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and reduce risk.

How does Chorus help businesses?

  1. Transforms customer experiences by automating routine, labor-intensive tasks, reducing errors, delivering omnichannel customer service and improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Accelerates straight-through processing by moving your organization from high-touch, complex, human-centric processes to automated, straight-through processes.
  3. Mitigates operational risk by allowing you to quickly respond to regulatory changes, enforce compliance, auto-check quality and monitor all your work in one place. It prioritizes your most important work items and raises quality control to new levels, predicting when mistakes are most likely to occur in your processes and eliminating them.

Adding The Power of BPM to IA

With a second successful process orchestration assessment to boast about, we’re so excited with how SS&C Blue Prism Chorus can continue to drive value for our customers as part of our comprehensive SS&C | Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation Platform. By bringing together RPA, AI, BPM, process mining and task mining and other complementary technologies – including the emerging generative AI – we’re seeing customers unleash true transformational value, utilizing automations wherever possible and humans where they should.

We all know that RPA and BPM are powerful stand-alone tools, but organizations miss out on a host of benefits if used in isolation. By combining these technologies, you get a complete end-to-end solution that can unify the workforce, transform journeys and scale a digital workforce successfully across your enterprise.

Are you staying on top of the latest digital trends?

As we move towards a digital-first future, it’s no longer sufficient to automate individual processes in isolation. To maximize your impact, you need to reimagine your entire end-to-end processes. With the power of BPM, AI and RPA encompassed within an intelligent automation platform that offers complementary technologies, your organization can hold the key to true transformation.

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