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Blog | Oct 5, 2023

We’re a Leader: Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

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Summit New Heights With SS&C Blue Prism’s Intelligent Automation Solutions

It’s always good to be recognized for our innovation, technology and scalability; this year’s no different.

We’re thrilled to share that this is the sixth year in a row SS&C Blue Prism has been named a Leader in Everest Group’s RPA PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our recognition as a Leader demonstrates SS&C Blue Prism’s depth and breadth in enterprise automation. We’ve expanded our product offerings to provide better, more scalable solutions for intelligent automation (IA), and that’s a direct result of our hardworking teams and our community of customers.

SS&C Blue Prism has reinforced its position as a Leader on Everest Group’s RPA Products PEAK Matrix® 2023. A strong market presence, depth and breadth of product functionalities, and continued investments toward offering an integrated intelligent automation platform contributed to this position. Product support & training, interoperability, and scalability are some of the key strengths highlighted by its clients.”
Amardeep Modi Vice President at Everest Group

What Does It Mean To Be a Leader?

Everest Group’s report highlights 25 providers in the RPA industry. To be a Leader is to demonstrate high market impact and strong vision, and to respond to the growing demand for a holistic IA solution.

Now, let’s talk about you, and how our RPA Leadership can help you achieve total transformation with a digital workforce that’s enabled and connected to your organization, through a comprehensive suite of IA capabilities.

Looking To The Future

The automation landscape is rapidly evolving with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities expanding to generative AI, and many organizations are wondering how they can utilize this and other technologies to grow their business.

Our expansive product capabilities are designed to transform your business processes, increase operational efficiency, and improve employee and customer experience.


Our IA software is built for scalability, security and agility. Coupled with our robotic operating model, its designed to help you navigate the automation waters and expand your capabilities as needed – not just to keep you afloat but to help you speed your way to success.


IA streamlines your processes by automating repetitive tasks quickly and without error, allowing your people to focus on higher-value, revenue-driving initiatives. And with IA creating more efficient workflows, you’ll see significant cost savings over time.


Digital workers can process large volumes of data quickly, enabling your organization to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions and customer demands. When combined with machine learning (ML) capabilities – such as Generative AI or Large Language models - your digital workers can analyze vast amounts of data to uncover insights humans might overlook – helping you make informed and strategic decisions.

People first

IA doesn’t just make your employees’ work more interesting; it empowers them to seek out strategic work that’ll benefit your organization. And with less time spent on menial tasks, you’ll see morale improvements across your workforce.

And it’s not just your employees who benefit. A digital workforce also helps your customers get a better experience, with more personalized, faster and accurate services available to them 24/7.

Our Vision

We exist to evolve the future of work and promote the careers and potential of everyone. By putting our customers’ need for transformation first, and by continuously innovating, SS&C Blue Prism is on the path to changing how people work and interact for the better.

We’re determined to bring the most comprehensive IA suite to the market. With our continued momentum bolstered by our recognition in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix (and backed by two decades of industry experience and over 20,000 customers), we’re always looking to help our customers grow.

To find out why we’re standing as a Leader in the IA and RPA sphere and discover more about our products and services, speak to an SS&C Blue Prism expert today.

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