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Blog | Jan 25, 2024

Post Call Automation: Automate Administrative Tasks

Post Call Automation
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Elevate Sales Engagement and Boost Customer Support

We've all been there – that moment during a call when our thoughts hit a roadblock, when jotting down crucial details and post-call requests becomes a race against time. The aftermath? You hang up and your mind draws a blank or, worse, you realize you've forgotten what you needed to do next – a classic case of a "brain freeze" moment.

In the fast-paced world of customer calls, every minute counts; for agents, the aftermath of a call can become a labyrinth of follow-ups and administrative tasks. What might have been a brief call can translate into extended moments of post-call contemplation, potentially proving distracting and time-consuming.

This is where post call automation can really shine. Your team can move more quickly through calls and focus on what matters while an automation platform can take care of the rest.

What Is Post Call Automation?

Post call automation is like a digital assistant for your team to help automate post call tasks. After you hang up, the last thing you want to do is spend more time dealing with the aftermath. No more scribbling down notes or setting reminders manually; post call automation does all the nitty gritty administrative tasks that often follow a call.

For example, you’ve just finished up a lengthy customer service call. Instead of jotting down the action items and deadlines, post call automation uses automation software to transcribe the important points, organize action items and set reminders for upcoming tasks.

What can you do with post call automation?

Here’s a brief summary of other amazing things post call automation can do for your business and your call agents:

  • Note taking: Easily take notes while you speak; once the call is over post call automation can automatically add these notes to the specific contact you were talking to on their contact history. Voila! As agents move on to the next call, no valuable detail gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Task management: It goes further than note taking; post call automation can help organize action items, set deadlines and create a to-do list in line with the call outcomes. In a way, it’s task automation.
  • Customer feedback collection: When you’re onto the next call, post call automation can help you automatically gather feedback giving you real-time insights into customer experience, satisfaction and improvement areas.
  • Quality assurance checks: Post call automation helps ensure that your agents are delivering consistently excellent performance by monitoring calls in real-time. It acts as a tool to validate the response provided during the call, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information.
  • Performance analytics: You can also dive deep into your call data. Automation provides analytics that helps you see call trends and identify strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement.
  • Call history tracking: Need to find a specific call? No need to sift through huge piles of records or flip frantically through your notes. Post call automation keeps track of all your call history data to make it easier to refer to and find information from.
  • Automate follow up: Important tasks will no longer slip through the cracks with post call automation! Instead, digital workers can send emails to your customers after calls or create tasks for your agents to do later.

All these features of post call automation mean your agents no longer have to spend hours collectively working on manual processes. Now, they can spend more time and focus on building lasting relationships with callers with the confidence that technology is taking care of all the routine tasks. It’s a win-win. Your agents are more productive and motivated, and your callers get top-notch personalized service, knowing their calls are handled effectively.

Benefits of Post Call Automation

Post call automation has far-reaching benefits beyond benefitting your internal processes. It elevates the experiences for everyone involved, including your callers!

Consistent service quality

Agents are able to maintain a high standard of service as calls are all logged and tracked, follow-ups are automatically created and nothing is missed. Your callers can expect a consistent level of service quality throughout their interactions with your business. Any promises your agents make during a conversation can be followed through on as automation logs it down and sets reminders for it.

Improved employee experiences

The stress and anxiety of knowing a giant chunk of administrative tasks are awaiting agents after their calls are gone. With digital workers handling tasks like note taking and task management, post call automation frees your agents who can dedicate more attention to each caller.

Swift issue resolution

Post call automation ensures that problems no longer linger unsolved and that every caller feels heard and attended to, especially on a customer service call. Automation can categorize, prioritize and follow up with concerns raised so that your human worker team can address them promptly.

Personalized customer interactions

Thanks to call logs and comprehensive note taking, your team can ensure that each caller gets a personalized service. No matter who the agent supporting them is. Previous information and interactions are meticulously logged so callers don’t have to repeat themselves each time. You can even go one step further to use generative AI as an automation feature to automatically personalize and send responses.

Improved productivity

All these other benefits above ultimately lead to a productivity booster for your agents. By automating routine, time-consuming tasks, your team can claim their valuable time back. This newfound time enables them to focus on more strategic and higher-value activities, such as responding to more customers or resolving their issues.

Seamless integration with CRM systems

Post call automation can easily be integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems so agents can work in a cohesive environment where all customer or caller information is readily available on a centralized system. Not only does this enhance the overall efficiency of your team, but it also means that you can further integrate post call automation with other automations, creating a harmonious symphony of streamlined processes. For example, aligning your post call automations with project management tools or telecoms automations.

Improve business performance

At the end of the day, post call automation can help improve your business performance as it helps identify behaviors, drive consistency and measure outcomes. Most companies only sample a portion of customer calls, but with post call automation you can have a continuous stream of information, analyzed and delivered automatically, in real-time or in batches, so you can have greater visibility into your calls and business performance.

How can you Implement Post Call Automation

This all sounds great, so how can you implement post call automation? When implementing any automation, we recommend following a set of guidelines like the SS&C | Blue Prism® Robotic Operating Model™ (ROM2) for help. It will help you set your vision, identify those post call automation opportunities and best practices, and align your delivery methods to focus on creating value.

With post call automation, you’ll also want to choose the right tools. Ones that align with your objectives, business requirements and better yet, seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM systems. Consider SS&C | Blue Prism® Interact or SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop. Interact is great for automations that need a human-in-the-loop (HITL), such as if your agents need to manage forms and submissions post call. Or Desktop for automations that must run on employee desktop applications, like a call service application they use!

Deliver Better Service with Post Call Automation

Post call automation is just a drop in the larger ocean of call center automation capabilities. But it’s also a great place to start. It doesn’t just save time; the entire automation experience unlocks valuable moments for your agents. With more free time on their hands, they can respond better to caller needs with increased attention and dedication.

Beyond this, it also ensures that no caller’s needs are left unaddressed, building trust in the responsiveness and attentiveness of your service.

Interested? Get in touch with us if you need help to set all this up!

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