Blog | Dec 11, 2019

The Impact of RPA on Business Performance in Financial Services

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The barriers to implementing digital technology have reduced significantly over the last few years. Price points have fallen, and the level of technical integration enables a much more plug and play approach. According to Saby Roy, who leads the Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive RPA practice in Accenture’s Technology Advisory business of FS UKI at Accenture, this ease of adopting technologies has leveled the playing field in the Financial Services sector.

Companies can no longer rely on the power of technology alone to innovate and differentiate. Saby believes that the foundation of success is first built on the way in which organizations adopt new technology – the skills, the operating model and people required. With that solid foundation, organizations now have the ability to “solve at scale” to bring real change to the company’s performance – delivering frictionless customer experiences, improving sales performance, driving Opex improvement and complying with industry regulation.

You can listen to an extract from Saby’s conversation with John Theuerkauf, Chief Customer Officer Blue Prism here:

Watch the full interview: