Blog | Mar 28, 2022

Unlocking the Potential from Your Intelligent Automation Solution

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Your intelligent automation strategy

When thinking about your Intelligent Automation strategy, perhaps think about your last physical exam. Like many, you probably completed your annual physical for the new year. Many have found this to be an important task each year to not only address current issues, but also to identify potential opportunities to improve (your health). Through an annual physical, you can use the expert advice provided by your doctor as well as the data provided by the myriad of tests ordered to review any opportunities to improve. This should be every person’s starting point to unlocking one’s full body potential. Similarly, a physical assessment should also be your starting point to unlocking the potential of your Intelligent Automation.

The three primary workload capabilities

Just like in a physical, you must start with an assessment. Not every process is identical. It is important to understand the three broad buckets of workload capabilities that can be supported. As outlined in “AWS Industry Solutions Report – 4Q ‘21”, there are three primary workload capabilities available via AWS. The first is Process assessment. These solutions focus on business process improvement by supporting identification of process flows, bottleneck discovery, and flow optimization. The second is Low Code & No Code. These are point solutions assembled with minimal need for additional code development. They incorporate AI and ML capabilities including complex workflow purpose built for quick configuration and customization. Finally, there is the Digital Worker. This solution provides an automated team member (i.e., a virtual employee) trained to carry out a specific business process including exception handling just like any human employee.

Typically, at the end of your annual physical your physician prescribes a plan that helps you achieve your optimal potential. This is typically not something that is built from scratch, but rather leverages templates assembled from many cases and patients that have been at a similar point in their journey. And lucky for you, you don’t need to start your Intelligent Automation journey from scratch either. Intelligent Automation on AWS (IA) combines complicated process-workflows using a design palette of 200+ AWS featured services to deliver simplified end-to-end experiences.

Trust in your platform solution

Probably the most important aspect about any physical exam is trust. The same holds true with the solution you choose to be the platform for your digital worker success stories. Just as you would likely not choose a physician that only had ten patients, you would also likely not choose a solution that did not have proven success stories. However, the good news is that today more than 2,000 customers are leveraging Blue Prism’s digital workers in more than 170 countries and multiple industries. Blue Prism’s enterprise digital workers offer scalable automation on AWS that is secure and enables collaborative human and digital workforces. Running on AWS, these service capabilities unlock give back millions of hours of work each year to these businesses.

Learn more about how to assemble your intelligent automation solutions on AWS in the AWS Industry Solutions Report (4Q 2021) here.