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AGCO Trusts SS&C Blue Prism Digital Worker to Manage Digital Workforce

24/7 One digital worker oversees the digital scheduling team, all day, every day.
94K+ work hours saved with 60+ processes automated
Efficient Seamless integration with SAP for journaling
"Send something to a digital worker, and regardless of the target worker or process, our digital scheduler picks it up instead. The scheduler runs 24/7. It’s basically a digital worker that manages our other digital workers.”"
Levente Illés Head of Intelligent Automation

ACGO deploys Intelligent RPA for SAP for Journalling 

Global Manufacturer Increases Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

Walk onto a farm, anywhere, and the machinery you see is likely to bear the name Valtra, Fendt, or Massey Ferguson. These are trusted brands all manufactured by one company, AGCO. With operations in all global markets, AGCO’s scale meant substantial gains could be made if they boosted their overall efficiency. However, this couldn’t come at the expense of quality. How did AGCO get the job done? They embraced intelligent automation and reaped the benefits.


AGCO is a leading, global manufacturer of some of the world’s most reliable farm equipment. But look under the hood and the way it operates has many parallels to most corporations of its size. One of these is the use of SAP. For companies that use SAP, the process of journaling will be a familiar one. Journaling is the regular updating and verification of operational records to maintain accuracy. But for AGCO, journaling was tying up a significant amount of its human workers’ time, which was leading to unwanted overtime costs. AGCO needed a smarter way to complete its journaling, reducing its overtime costs, but without jeopardizing the accuracy of its systems.


AGCO had earmarked intelligent automation as a possible candidate to solve its journaling issue. But AGCO is a company renowned for building things that last. So, it adopted the very same approach when it came to intelligent automation; it ensured what it developed was both standardized and scalable for the future. Then, they turned to SS&C Blue Prism intelligent automation. The result? Today, journaling is facilitated by multiple Blue Prism digital workers, who are “managed” by another digital worker that schedules and oversees the rest of the digital team. This innovative solution has drastically reduced human worker overtime.

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