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The Making of an Intelligent Virtual Agent

Time: 1:01:00
Transform NOW Podcast with Sanjiva Singh of [24]7.ai and Satish Shenoy of Blue Prism

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Attended automation is transforming customer contact centers. Technology isn't driving this transformation, though. Customers are.

Today's customers are digital, mobile, and demanding. They have very little time and no patience for getting switched between a human and a bot. Customers want fast and seamless service, and they prefer to do the work themselves.

On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Sanjiva Singh, Senior Vice President at [24]7.ai, and Satish Shenoy, Technology Alliance Partner Sales at Blue Prism, discuss creating and using an intelligent customer service agent.

Here's what we talked with Sanjiva and Satish about:

  • What's driving disruption inside customer service contact centers
  • What’s really happening when users engage with a chatbot
  • Are chatbots digital workers?
  • What virtual customer service agents will disrupt over the next 24 months

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