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Workflow + RPA = The Perfect Marriage

Time: 33:25
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On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Ed Gower, solution consultant leader at Bizagi, Mark Shivers, founder and CEO at Ignite IPA, and Matt Parsons, practice director at Blue Prism, talk about our robotic operating model and executive support for intelligent process automation.

Here is what Ed, Mark, and Matt discuss:

  • Getting the intelligent automation journey right isn’t about starting with artificial intelligence or machine learning but on starting with a strong workflow + RPA foundation
  • Achieving More Value, Easier: Neither workflow or RPA alone will get you 100% of the value
  • Classic Chicken-and-Egg scenario: Workflow then RPA, or RPA then workflow | PROS and CONS of each approach
  • What does RPA mean to a workflow strategy? What does workflow mean for an RPA strategy?

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