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Human-Digital Collaboration

Time: 28:04
Transform NOW Podcast with Eric Tyree of Blue Prism

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RPA is all about automation, and most digital workers are great at automated tasks. If you want to get into something more interesting and more valuable, however, let's talk about machine learning.

You could train a digital worker to have a bit of machine learning in it. Over time, your worker would learn to understand information, not just repeat tasks. Eventually, it could communicate its opinion to a human being and then learn from that human's opinion.

That puts digital and human workers in a closer relationship than ever.

In this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, we talk with Eric Tyree, Head of AI and Research at Blue Prism. Eric discusses human-digital interaction.

Specifically, Eric talks about:

  • How AI can tangibly benefit RPA
  • The ways AI can support commerce, not just technology
  • What Eric believes the future of work looks like

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