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Commercialize Opportunities in 2021 Through Intelligent Automation

Time: 51:58
Transform NOW Podcast with Paula P. Carneiro and Steve Lavalle of WonderBotz

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Hyper-automation helps you commercialize new technology.

In this episode of the podcast, we're joined by Paula P. Carneiro and Steve LaValle of WonderBotz. Paula and Steve talk about hyper-automation and how it's creating the need to add a digital course to augment the human workforce you already have.

Steve and Paula discuss:

  • What you need to think about when implementing hyper-automation
    • Recognize it's capability
    • It's value exceeds the investment
    • Changes the "lens" you look at the work through
    • Avoid "if you hate it automate it" and focus on value, not cost savings
  • Success factors for hyper-automation
    • Execution ability
    • Benefit realization
    • Create demand and provide supply
    • Tight communication
    • C-suite change in culture
    • Collateral benefits

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