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An Entrepreneur's Perspective on the Future of Work

Time: 26:11
Transform NOW Podcast with Jon Darbyshire

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Adopting the Mindset of a "Doer"

Today's multi-generational group of people driving business processes have experienced so much change as a result of the pandemic, work life balance demands, technology innovation and other drivers. This has clearly put the future of work topic high on the agenda of most company leaders as they consider how to adjust the operating model for their workforce in order to retain talent and maintain the right culture. On this podcast, Brad Hairston speaks with Jon Darbyshire, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSuite, who explains how the evolving future of work impacts his thinking as an entrepreneur and innovator.

Here’s what we talked with Jon about:

  • What SmartSuite is all about
  • What led Jon into the software industry after a career in consulting
  • How the future of work has that influenced Jon’s direction and focus as a work management software CEO
  • Which technology trends are having the biggest impact in shaping the future of work
  • Non-technology trends that are changing the way we work
  • How the “Great Resignation” has impacted company leaders
  • How multiple generations working together in the workplace factors into software development
  • How human interaction relates to the pace of adoption of automation and AI

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