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Digital Transformation Improves Employee and Patient Experience

Time: 30:30
Transform NOW Podcast with Louise Wall of e18 Consulting

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How the NHS is Transforming Patient Care with Automation

The healthcare industry has been under a lot of pressure in the last few years. The need for medical staff's time and attention to be dedicated to patient care has risen exponentially and thankfully automation has stepped in to help. In this episode, Xina Seaton talks with Louise Wall of e18 Consulting about how the NHS is harnessing technology to both ease the growing demand on healthcare workers and improve the care they provide to their patients.

Here’s what we talked with Louise about:

  • How the NHS is using intelligent automation and cloud technology together
  • Why automation is a lever to help achieve Net Zero Sustainability goals for healthcare providers
  • The next big technology steps the NHS is taking that are enabled by automation

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