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Managing COVID Documentation with Digital Workers

Time: 31:22
Transform NOW Podcast with Mike Ogonovsky and Jason Burrage of of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

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NHS Tackled COVID with Intelligent Automation

In the aftermath of COVID, the National Health Service (NHS) set out to better understand how they managed through the crisis. And what key strategic elements helped them to succeed throughout it all.

On this podcast, Karen Gorman, Healthcare Director with SS&C Blue Prism, interviews Mike Ogonovsky, Chief Digital Officer, and Jason Burrage, Automation Architect and Head of Automation COE for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, an NHS trusts. We talk about how the health board have used their intelligent automation, Blue Prism cloud platform, to help them prepare for the COVID-19 public inquiry. They share how intelligent automation is enabling them to provide information to the board secretary and exec team. That is creating excitement at the board level and it is creating time for employees to review, discuss, and provide context to the information they are providing.

Here’s what we talked with Mike and Jason about:

  • How having digital workers on staff when COVID hit helped to manage risks to the business
  • Overcoming document management to garner insights with digital workers
  • Using Blue Prism Cloud to perform sentiment analysis on incoming emails to prioritize employee's actions

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