Create a Digital Claims Workforce Fit for the Future

Create a Dynamic Insurance Culture that Unlocks Transformation Value

Watch the on-demand replay to hear from Germania Insurance, Topa Insurance, Quincy Mutual Group, and SS&C Blue Prism where they reveal:

  • Predictions for the future of the claims workforce and how megatrends are changing the ways claims teams work
  • Examine how claims teams can develop new ways of working to achieve the right balance between harnessing the power of data and technology and preserving the human touch
  • Discuss strategies to increase the value claims teams provide to the wider business and its customers
  • Tackle the talent crisis by focusing on how to attract, develop, and retain the skillsets needed to support evolving claims teams

The insurance industry is undergoing a seismic shift and claims operations lie at the heart of this transformation. Technological advancements, such as claims process automation, are changing the way claims teams work, and to succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, it’s crucial for insurers to build a future-ready claims workforce that works better for customers and the employees who serve them.

Watch our sponsored webinar, brought to you in association with Intelligent Insurer.

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