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Case Study

SILAC Delivers Exceptional Customer Service with Help from Chorus BPM

Real-time updates for clients enhance customer experience and reduce service costs
Rapid ROI
50-75% faster processing of service requests and claims
"SS&C Blue Prism Chorus BPM has helped us create a best-in-class customer experience. It’s enabled us to deliver clear, concise communication and to process work quickly, which is what drives more clients, and more agents, to do business with us.”"
Kylie Gormly Vice President of Customer Experience, SILAC

SILAC is focused on the future through innovation for both products and business practices that best support policyholders. SILAC is serious about delivering the industry’s best customer service, so it deployed SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus BPM to streamline workflow for both the annuities and long-term care (LTC) insurance teams and to help create better customer and employee experiences.


When a customer submits a request for disbursements on either an annuity or an LTC policy, it’s often important and time-sensitive. Since SILAC is committed to delivering top-notch customer service to over 100,000 policyholders, the request must smoothly progress through the annuity and LTC teams. But SILAC’s legacy systems and business processes were segmented and labor-intensive. For annuities, request forms were sent via an online portal, physical mail, or facsimile. Each document had to be manually scanned and placed in separate folders. Tasks were managed via spreadsheets, emails, and Microsoft Teams messages. For LTC claims, SILAC gathered approximately 20 pages of documentation. Each document was scanned upon arrival and placed in a folder, but since the folder was managed by separate teams, the possibility for missing work or duplication of work increased. To complicate matters, for team members to communicate the outcome and terms a particular claim, they had to manually generate one of 75 different letters. SILAC knew it needed a new workflow solution to best support customers and employees.


Chorus BPM (business process management) suite was implemented to help SILAC manage workflows, give employees visibility into the status of each work item and enable them to supply real-time information to customers. Incoming LTC claim documentation is now indexed without human intervention, sent to Chorus, and filed in a designated folder. An employee simply clicks “get work” in Chorus, finds all relevant items in one place and accurately tracks the request. Within Chorus, all 75 letters are standardized and can be selected in one click, personalized, and sent to the customer. Requests relating to annuities follow a similar path and are now processed 50-78% faster, which means customers receive payments faster. 

SILAC’s implementation of Chorus has facilitated marked improvement in customer communications and the empowerment of employees. Leveraging Chorus enables SILAC to tailor tasks, based on criterion of efficiency and ability, and helps ensure that all employees are equipped to succeed in their respective roles. As a result, employees who desire to grow their skillset and take on more challenging tasks have direction and a clear career path for growth and development. Managers are also empowered to make comprehensive judgments about employee contributions, review each employee’s performance, fast-track development, and ensure the promotion of top performers. Lastly, metrics like withdrawal volumes and time-to-service requests are enhancing visibility into the performance of the business. SILAC’s partnership with SS&C Blue Prism has had a materially beneficial impact on both our business and our employees.

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