EMEA Lunch and Learn: Permission to Grow

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During this Lunch and Learn we will outline some simple principles of “Permission” to get your expansion rolling out most efficiently. 

Join us and learn more about:

  • “Permission” is a concept familiar to sales folks, less so to others. It translates as “You have the credibility and relationship to be able to ask a person or organization to discuss an offering”
  • Growing a COE internally may not involve money changing hands, but “selling” the concept of RPA value in return for temporary inconvenience still requires “Permission”.

Once your CoE is established you may want to consider spreading the benefits of Blue Prism RPA into other areas of your organization. This Lunch and Learn session will equip COE staff with techniques that can help expedite their rollout of CoE value.


    Dave Ormston

    Customer Success Director, SS&C Blue Prism

    Mariella Joseph

    Senior Customer Success Manager, SS&C Blue Prism

    Isabelle Holland

    Customer Success Manager, SS&C Blue Prism

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