How Rebel Energy is Building it's Business with an Automation-First Approach

Rebel with a cause: How Rebel Energy is using RPA in its mission to disrupt the UK energy market.

Rebel Energy is a UK start-up energy company who has launched and designed their business with digital workers in mind.

Their CEO Dan Bates will join us to discuss how Rebel Energy is building the future of work today using an automation-first approach to achieve seamless integration between digital colleagues and human colleagues.

This forward-thinking company’s strategy will help optimize the customer experience - whist generating greater operational efficiencies. This strategy also allows the business to recruit the right people for their mission whilst allowing digital workers to manage the automated tasks.

Hear how strong leadership will ensure Rebel Energy’s workforce is ready to sustain its digital future.

In this webinar , you’ll find out:

• How the business was built with a digital workforce from the get-go to enable their business to thrive

• How Rebel Energy is going to disrupt the UK energy market by putting the focus on the humans instead of the processes

• Lessons learned: what worked, what didn’t, and what are they doing next?

Be sure to join us live on March 30 at 4pm UK time!

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