Streamline Supply Chain with IA with SS&C Blue Prism and IBM

Streamline supply chain with intelligent automation

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out more about:

  1. How organizations are becoming strategic with intelligent automation and transforming the way the supply chain functions
  2. Accelerating transformation by applying successful outcomes in one factory into a global rollout across all factories
  3. The need for trust audits, rules, and ethics surrounding everything that digital workers do.
  4. How peer-to-peer sharing can help new employees foster trust in their new digital colleagues and accelerate buy-in across the supply chain.

Improving Supply Chain Performance with Intelligent Automation

Today’s multi-company, cross-industry supply chains are more complex than ever. Executives have embraced supply chain automation as a path to optimize and realize business outcomes. The newest member to the supply chain automation landscape is the intelligent digital worker.

Powered by AI and cognitive skills, these software robots work alongside and in-the-loop with employees to help them with critical tasks and thereby improve productivity, output, and employee satisfaction. In this webinar hosted by SCALA and co-organized by SS&C Blue Prism, together with IBM, join us as we discuss the latest trends in supply chain and how organizations are augmenting their supply chain performance with intelligent automation.

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