Real-World Applications of Intelligent Automation That Accelerate the Cancer Pathway

Time is of the essence at every step of the cancer pathway. Yet many of these steps are still burdened by manual tasks. Administrative and clinic staff face tedious, time-consuming and error-prone work when they must copy data from one system to another — distracting them from patient care. Growing patient numbers and dwindling resources further spotlight these challenges.

The solution? Embracing intelligent automation (IA).

Download this report to discover how IA streamlines each part of the cancer pathway with real-world use cases.

In this report, we’ll cover:

  • The current challenges within each stage of the cancer pathway.
  • Where intelligent automation can be applied within the stages.
  • Use cases about how automation is currently being deployed throughout the pathway.

Intelligent automation is already supporting tasks and processes in several stages of the cancer pathways, so clinical staff have time back to focus on the human side of cancer care. Introducing IA is not only beneficial for healthcare staff but for patients, the healthcare organization and society as a whole.

Download the report to discover how IA speeds up time to diagnosis and prognosis, and improves the quality of care and treatment.

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