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SS&C Blue Prism Transforms the Way Healthcare Professionals Work with Intelligent Automation

Through intelligent automation (IA), we’re revolutionizing healthcare by integrating people, technology, and health to bridge the gap between clinical systems and service delivery — transforming how we read images, identify patterns, and evaluate risk. Our partnership with the NHS has already led to extraordinary results in all stages of the care pathway: Improving patient communications, reducing administrative costs, and ultimately, giving time back to care providers.

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One NHS Trust has saved 10,000+ hours of staff time in 1 month

Discover how nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals have improved the way they work and the time they spend with patients with automation.

Empowering Patients through Intelligent Automation for Cancer Pathways

Cancer stands as a leading cause of mortality in the U.K., with 375,400 new cases reported annually according to Cancer Research U.K. Timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial for improved health outcomes and survival. However, patients still face long wait times for routine screenings, urgent referrals, and treatments.

Taking swift action to reduce the NHS backlog and waiting times for cancer services becomes critical to help increase survival rates. A promising improvement is the automation of appointment scheduling and booking, where significant benefits can be achieved for diagnostic and elective recovery through RPA, specifically referring to pathology and imaging services.

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The current challenges facing NHS Trusts and their ability to accelerate cancer pathways.
  • How to significantly reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment without risking the quality of service.
  • The opportunity to improve the accuracy and quality of test result interpretation.
  • Examples of successful automation case studies that increase cancer team capacity, support Faster Diagnostic Services (FDS), and improve patient care.
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How Intelligent Automation Helps You Work Better

Improve patient experiences

Provide patients with personalized, uninterrupted care delivery. Facilitating up-to-date communications and smoother transitions between care stages. within the care pathway.

Relieve unnecessary manual tasks

Relieve staff from mundane and repetitive administrative work. Allowing them to focus on getting patients the high-quality care they need and the positive experience they deserve.

Patient-centered care

Ensure care delivery and workflow at every touchpoint in your care pathway to reduce admin backlog and appointment waitlists, giving healthcare professionals more time with patients and patients more control over their care.

Clearer integrated care pathway visibility

See the whole picture by unlocking your data. Harness the power to collaborate and share data across the Integrated Care System (ICS) avoiding delays in delivering care by from missing vital information.

Hassle-free interoperability

Get more value out of your existing systems. Automation that frees staff to do more valuable work and streamlines patient processing by securely communicating between clinical, national, and corporate systems.

Robust compliance and risk control

Remain in control across your processes, data, and sites. Keep 100% accurate and up-to-the-second information to respond to new challenges with speed and precision.

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