Expediting Clinical Onboarding with Intelligent Automation

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Staffing shortages, increasing workloads, complex cases, and an aging population are stretching clinical staff to their breaking point. Record numbers of staff are leaving their profession as mental health issues spike. And these pressures extend to patients, who experience longer wait times to get the care they need. These processes need to change, and intelligent automation can be the driver. 

Creating automated processes can help healthcare providers improve the efficiency and quality of licensing, reduce security and legal risks, build patient trust, and reduce costs. Intelligent automation reduces the clinical onboarding lifecycle by up to 70%, cutting a 100-day process to under 30 days – saving money and time and improving patient care.

Healthcare organizations need to change how they run their onboarding processes. Slow processes are losing the healthcare industry money and poorly impacting patients. With SS&C Blue Prism, can scale your automation software solution across your organization to meet your healthcare goals.

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