White Paper

Achieving the Trifecta Of Cybersecurity Governance With a Hybrid Workforce in ANZ

How public sector and healthcare entities in ANZ can counter a rapidly evolving risk landscape through intelligent automation

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  1. Managing user governance successfully by minimizing user-initiated risks
  2. Improving information governance management proactively
  3. Managing IT governance by optimizing compliance, maintenance, and more

The pandemic has served as an inflection point for public sector modernization across the ANZ region. Across all areas, government departments and agencies have had to innovate and transform at breakneck speed to maintain critical services and continue meeting customers’ demands and expectations. But, at the same time, cybersecurity threats have skyrocketed. Cybercriminals have looked to exploit new opportunities that have arisen with millions of citizens turning to digital services for the first time, including many without an understanding of what is ‘safe’ within their digital engagements. Public sector employees have also helped to increase the size of the cyber target for criminals by accessing IT applications and infrastructure remotely and relying on online identity verification checks.

This paper explores how a hybrid workforce can be implemented by public sector organizations in the ANZ region across the Trifecta of Cybersecurity Governance — user, information, and IT governance — to identify vulnerabilities, minimize risk and enhance the security posture.

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