Getting Started with Automation: A Practical Guide from Our Community

Download this eBook to learn beginner-friendly tips and tricks to begin automation with insight from our very own community.

Inside you'll learn: 

  • Explanation of technology terms
  • Eight steps to get started with automation
  • How to discover processes to automate in your business
  • Tips from community members on building your first automation 
  • Helpful advice from the community on adoption and developing your skills 

Getting started with automation: The Start of Your Automation Journey

Welcome to the beginning of your automation journey! We understand that the world of automation can be intimidating when starting out — but fear not — we’re here to help.

Within this eBook, we've curated beginner tips and tricks from our community to help you as you start to use automation. Inside, we cover the basics of the technology, how to discover processes and build your first automation, and helpful advice for developing your skills. 

Whether you’re seeking to streamline your business or just want to upskill, you’ll be able to confidently navigate automation in no time!

Download the eBook to learn practical guidance from our community on getting started with automation

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