White Paper

Global Manufacturing Survey Report for RPA

We surveyed hundreds of global manufacturing leaders about how they use automation to compile this report on RPA and intelligent automation in manufacturing. 

Download the report to get an in-depth look at why automation is critical to reduce risk, building resilience and digitize operations. 

By reading the report you will learn:

  • Why robotic process automation is crucial for manufacturers
  • How RPA and intelligent automation are utilized in manufacturing
  • How to overcome barriers to automation at scale
  • Detailed data on the benefits of intelligent automation
  • Insight and discussion on future plans for automation

Read the full manufacturing survey to learn more. 

The role of RPA and intelligent automation in manufacturing

Over the last few years, manufacturers have faced exceptional challenges. Whether it's rapid changes from the pandemic, environmental shocks or cost fluctuations – business risks continue to soar.

Manufacturers understand they must adapt to new ways of working to mitigate risks. Automation technologies can help building business models and supply chains that are ready to endure future economic shocks driven by inflationary risk and geopolitical unrest. To achieve greater business efficiency, many organizations are turning to digital workers powered by robotic process automation.

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