Everest Report: From Hype to Reality

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In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • Organizations growing need to transform to digital-first.
  • The direct and indirect benefits of intelligent automation.
  • Challenges and best practices to realize true value from intelligent automation.
  • How an industry giant utilized intelligent automation to transform their enterprise.

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for leveraging Intelligent Automation effectively. 

Maximize Your Return with Intelligent Automation 

Digital transformation is no longer an option, but a necessity.

While robotic process automation (RPA) served as a good starting point, forward-thinking organizations worldwide are now embracing intelligent automation (IA) to expand and scale their automation efforts.

Download Everest Group’s report to find out how you can maximize your return with IA.

Automation used to be all about cost reduction and process efficiency. But as IA’s potential becomes more evident, organizations are shifting their focus to generate more significant business value. Find out how you can move from a cost-focused approach to a holistic view of your automation journey.

How have others succeeded with Intelligent Automation?

Pfizer Inc. used automation to achieve a faster time to market, reducing their time to validate product claims by 35%. This had a hugely meaningful impact on their patients’ lives and increased the timely accessibility of essential medicines.

“By automating tasks, we unlock the potential to deliver life-saving medicine to patients with unprecedented speed, while staying committed to safety and quality and instilling a sense of purpose and inspiration in our workforce.”

Paul Johnson, senior director enterprise RPA delivery, Pfizer

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